A declaration to establish the WIO Mangrove Network was made on 5th October 2011 in Mombasa, Kenya by a group of regional experts from Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania having recognized the important role that mangroves play by providing many critical ecosystem goods and services to millions of people in the region; appreciated that these ecosystems face a myriad of similar management challenges across the region ranging from overexploitation, conversion, pollution and more recently climate change related impacts; acknowledged that there is currently no forum which brings together regional mangrove scientists, managers and policy makers; proposed and approved the formation of a WIO Mangrove Network as a forum to facilitate:

  • Expertise sharing and capacity development in mangrove research and management across the region
  • Standardization of methodologies in conducting assessments and management practices
  • Production of regional publications and policy briefs on mangrove research and management and ensuring dissemination of such outputs
  • Raising the profile of mangroves as a critically important ecosystem supporting many livelihoods in the region
  • Development and delivery of community based training programs on sustainable mangrove management and conservation

The Network was legally registered under the Laws of Zanzibar as a not for profit organization on 18th March 2021.

Declaration of Establishment

Network Constitution